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Tom Dillon, M.A., B.Sc. (Hons)

I have been fortunate to work with hundreds of marvellous coaches in the past ten years and have seen so many of them make great strides on their own coaching journeys It has been a truly amazing experience for which I have a great sense of gratitude.

I have walked alongside coaches as they’ve travelled their own paths and have been privileged to help facilitate their thinking and assist them in defining who they are as coaches.

Not only that, I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent beside each and everyone of them, as I’ve shared parts of their journeys. There is something about the nature of coaching that attracts my type of people; the kind of people that I really want to work with; people that make my life joyful and allow my soul to sing on a daily basis as I share their journeys.

Over the last 12 years. I have continued to develop my own skills as a coach and a coaching trainer. I am a lifelong learner and a continuous improver, always looking for the difference that is going to make a difference in my coaching and training. 

On my own journey, I have gained a first degree in psychology, a master’s degree in Coaching and a post graduate diploma in coaching supervision, along with over 12 years experience of coaching and training in a variety of settings. 

For the last two years, my focus has on training doctors to utilise coaching skills in all aspects of their work, and to take them on a journey to become transformational coaches. I’ve led 17 cohorts of doctors through the Transformational Coaching Diploma and it has been a delight and a privilege to watch them flourish as they uncover and develop their new coaching skills. 

I look forward to walking alongside you as you travel this part of your learning journey. 


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Helen Leathers, B.Sc. (Hons)

I would describe my coaching journey as a pilgrimage; a journey into the unknown to search for new or expanded meaning about myself, others, nature, or a higher good. One that continues indefinitely.

I trained as a coach after a particularly challenging time in my own life, and know that I gained significantly greater self-awareness, healing transformations, personal discoveries and realisations.

It is one of many metaphorical pilgrimages I have been on in my life and, as I write this, it feels as though my coaching experience, both learning and receiving it, has brought all of my previous experiences and learnings together.

All of my work is, as a result, multi-disciplinary and includes a combination of coaching, embodiment, NLP, mindfulness, energy work and much more. I am a One of many™ certified and licensed women’s coach and a member of and accredited coach with the Association for Coaching.

I’m passionate about learning and discovery, as well as bringing people together, to both learn from them and share with them. 

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