What inspires you?

Everyone's journey through life is unique. What would you like to write in the next chapter of your life?

Whatever it may be, our coaching discussions can be the key to turning your aspirations into reality.

I've founded Your Coaching Journey  to work together with individuals, just like you, who feel excited about the possibilities in their lives and want to make progress towards their personal, business and career goals.

How will you get there?

To create that positive change in your life, you will need to dedicate time and energy into your goal. Otherwise other priorities might overtake your schedule and it can fall back on your to-do list. The set of six coaching sessions will allow you to invest valuable time and attention needed for your goal to flourish.

Our coaching discussions will take place in a comfortable and confidential space where you can be yourself and openly share your thoughts and feelings. The sessions will be built around your needs with the aim of bringing positive changes in your life.

As your coach, I will be supportive but not directive - this is your journey. I will listen to you carefully, stay curious to what you share, and help you discover the whats, whens and hows of your aspirations with my reflections and questions.

This coaching process will bring about increased self-awareness for you and confidence in achieving your life and career goals. I will support you throughout this journey and we will stay connected via email between sessions.

Are you ready to start exploring?

Do you feel motivated to take the next steps to achieving your goals?

Get in contact and let's begin your coaching journey.

Check out what previous clients said about their coaching journeys at the bottom of this page.

Coaching FAQ

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Scheduling your first session

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Client Testimonials

"It was a collaborative thinking process that developed over time: from each session I took away some „homework” – a topic that I could continue to chew over until our next discussion." 

- Eszter László 

"Zsuzsanna didn't give me any advice nor told me what and how to do things, instead she let me find my own solutions by asking the right questions at the right time." 

- Nikolett Ungvari

"Zsuzsi was very kind and supportive during the whole time and I felt that she was closely listening to what I had to share. I learnt something new from each session and as a result I've started to recognise the development opportunities at my job." 

- Adrienn Thury-Bajai