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Strengths and Values Cards

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Help your coachees, or your team, to explore their values and strengths with one pack of cards. 

This versatile tool allows your coachees to focus on who they are and where their strengths lie. 

The tool also allows coachees to explore their own values and the values they might expect to see demonstrated by others.

Working with a combination of words and images, these cards allow the logic of the left side of the brain to work with the creativity of the right side to provide an integrated representation of strengths and values.

Each card has a value on one side, and a strength on the other to help you help your coachee to unlock their thinking about who they are and how they show up in the world. 

We also have a guide to how you can use the cards that can be accessed below.


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Values cards for coaching
strengths cards for coaching

Here are the additional exercises you can use with our Strengths & Values Coaching Cards

(Click on the the image below to download the PDF with full details of this exercise.)

Exercise: Living Your Values

Exercise: Comparing Strengths In Different Areas of Your Life 

Exercise: A Picture Of Your Future

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