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Transformational Coaching Diploma

“If you’re a G.P., especially if you’re interested in lifestyle medicine, this course is a must”

“Oh, my goodness, just do it, you will not regret it. I know so many people who have done this course now. Nobody regrets doing this course. Everybody gets something
out of it.

I think if you are a GP, and especially if you’re interested in lifestyle medicine, I think this course is a must now. Even if you’re not, it will enhance your consultation skills, and you will take so much from it in to your professional life.

It will really help you to focus on what’s important. You get that time to yourself
because you get the coaching on the course and it will help you to make decisions that come up for you along the way, professionally and personally. It will help you decide what you want, and you will feel comfortable with those decisions. I think it really is transformational and I’d recommend anybody to do it.” 

Lifestyle medic

Dr Sherina Fernandes

Dr. Caroline Walker

“I would HIGHLY recommend this course

Dr. Nupur Arora

“Excellent skills to add in to General Practice”

Dr. Jason Ward

“One of the best courses I’ve ever done!

Do not hesitate, sign up today!

It’s certainly been a transformational experience for me as it’s allowed me to add a new service to my well-being business for medics.

For doctors who are thinking of joining the course, I would advise them not to hesitate, and to sign up today!

The course has been great value for money and as well as being an opportunity to learn new coaching skills, it also enabled me to have coaching by my peers over the course of 6 months which has been invaluable.” 

Dr Connie Keralie

Dr. Catherine Marshall

“The integration of psychology and evidence-based methods was really important to me

Dr. Olivia Codrington

“I wanted to learn how to coach, and my friend couldn’t speak highly enough of you!

Dr. Joanna Hartley

“I just loved it.

“I couldn’t ask for a better in-depth course”

“I have just completed the Coaching Diploma with Tom and I’d highly recommend it. For those wanting a thorough, interesting, challenging and friendly learning experience it’s perfect.

I was looking for a flexible but rigorous course and Tom provided exactly that- lots of practice and reflection. A safe and well-formed small coaching group allowed us to grow and experiment with the range of approaches and develop our coaching skills in a way that suited our own values, interests and coaching style.

I have learned a great deal about myself and a deeper understanding of what a coaching client will experience. My coaching skills have deepened hugely and I am excited about the range of techniques I now have to offer in appropriate settings. I am confident this won’t be the end of my coaching professional development but I couldn’t ask for a better in-depth course.”

Dr Sarah Goulding

Dr. Kathryn Waters

“I loved that I was learning alongside other doctors

Dr. Raykal Sim

“It’s made me a better facilitator, clinician, listener & colleague

Dr. Katharine Knight

“The workshops were the highlight of my fortnight

Dr. Caroline Cook

“It’s been a REALLY positive experience for me

Dr. Kinnari Gupta

“I am in India, this course was in the U.K., but online – perfect for me

Dr. Nikki Paul

“I have thouroughly enjoyed it, it has indeed been transformational for me”

Dr. Belinda Worsfold

“The content is really engaging, but the real strength is the opportunity to practice coaching regularly

Dr. Nitin Mahobia

“While you’re doing this course, learning the psychological theories, you find yourself

Dr. Rachel Gaukroger

“Knowing it was all doctors, that we would have similar backgrounds, it felt safe

Dr. Becky Howie

“The course is really well put together, it makes the learning really easy

Dr. Sarah Clark-Maxwell

“This is absolutely the best course I have done since my medical degree, and I’ve done a lot!

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“With no exaggeration the live group sessions were a lifeline for me

I had been thinking of coaching for a while and following raving reviews by colleagues, I decided to embark on the Your Coaching Journey Diploma with Tom Dillon and Helen Leathers. The course appealed to me as it was online and the live work was on weekends, so I could fit it around my busy life, the payment plan made it less of a financial burden and the course had a track record with other medics.

The most enlightening aspect of the course was how much I learnt about myself and my approach to helping others in a non-medical context. It really helped me take a step back and examine my communication style with everybody including my children and friends. I really enjoyed reading the theory of coaching and with no exaggeration the live small group sessions were a lifeline for me. I lost my dad unexpectedly two days before the first live session and I don’t know where the energy came from to join in that day, but I am so glad I did. The lives and coaching sessions in between were windows of light in my dark days by connecting with people, engaging my brain and keeping up. They helped me feel connected to life.

The course was truly transformational for me in learning about myself and psychology and I now use what I have learnt on a day to day basis with my patients and my children. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who is thinking of being a coach or just learning about the theory and practice of coaching to use in everyday life… Thank you Tom, Helen and all the new friends I made from our group… you know who you are and you are all precious to me… Thank you

Dr Nadia Bhal

“This Course will be transformative”

“This course has been a brilliant experience with much personal and professional growth. The course design is fantastic and suited my preferred learning style perfectly – learning the theory of many different coaching approaches, models and tools followed by immediate application in the coaching room.

Our small group of amazing health professionals enabled me to feel safe whilst practising my new coaching skills. Tom is great -he is so passionate about coaching, very skilled and relaxed in his approach to facilitating our group and offered much encouragement, support and reassurance.

I now feel I am a more confident and competent coach with a range of coaching techniques to use as needed in the coaching room with my coachees. Coaching others brings me much joy and this course has taken my skills and knowledge to much higher levels.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to develop their coaching knowledge, skills and personal coaching style as this course will be transformative.”

Dr Michelle Gooding

The online platform is excellent with small groups which enhance the experience.

I was drawn to this coaching course partly because it was aimed at Doctors but mainly because of the really interesting and varied content drawing from different disciplines such as CBT and neuroscience.

The course was a great reminder in the art of listening well and how that shapes a conversation. It was also great to have time to properly listen and have deep conversations which is a challenge in clinical practice.

I really enjoyed the learning process and the great content included as well as being out of my comfort zone.

The course really helped me look at conversations in a different way and think about that in terms of work and personal life.

I currently am trying to use elements within my practice as a GP and have some education opportunities coming up so am sure it will enhance educating medical students. I do hope to combine it with lifestyle medicine at some point and will see where that leads.

To anyone considering the course I would say sign up and enjoy the experience.


Dr Amy Windsor

If you’re looking at this course, I would say join,  you will learn loads about yourself, as well as how to coach which helps in all aspects of life.”

I liked the fact that we would have a common background and that the course would look into the psychology behind coaching. It seemed more indepth than some courses I had seen advertised.

Dr Sue Danton

Find Out About Our Next Doctors’ Transformational Coaching Diploma