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Show Notes

If you’ve ever looked for demonstrations of coaching online you may have noticed that there aren’t many particularly good ones out there.

When looking for great examples of coaching, the two of us are always looking to see exquisite attention and lots of lovely space. We’re hoping to hear crisp open questions, accurate summarising and reflecting back and the coach resisting being directive. We’d like to observe the coachee being supported in making sense of their own world and generating some new thinking. 

Tired of searching for the holy grail we thought we’d create our own demonstration and so, in this episode, we engaged in a genuine coaching session. 

During the coaching Helen gave some thought to a dilemma that had been on her mind for some time. The conversation resulted in Helen making a decision, which she has now taken action on, allowing her to move towards her desired objective. 

During the coaching session Tom utilises the TOM’S CODE model to guide the coaching process. This is the model that we introduce everyone to at the beginning of our Transformational Coaching Diploma training. 

TOM’S CODE provides a framework to hang the coaching on. It’s not meant to be prescriptive and, at times, the coach will flex their use of the model in order to respond to the coachee. 

We train coaches to work in a transformational way, looking to bring about awareness, empowerment and autonomy. TOM’S CODE focuses on bringing about the change that the coachee wants to see.  


If you’d like to find out more about, or remind yourself of TOMS CODE, the framework we are using, you can listen to our podcast episode about it here: 

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