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Show Notes

“It’s like Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, isn’t it?” is a rhetorical question often posed in discussions around human needs. Maslow’s model of behaviour is one of the most oft-cited models of human psychology. Images of the pyramid that is usually used to illustrate Maslow’s  hierarchy are peppered throughout social media channels. 

Very few people ever delve into Maslow’s hierarchy, beyond a cursory glance at the model and a sage nod of the head, before they scroll onto a kitten being frightened by a cucumber, but the notion is worth exploring further. 

That’s exactly what we do in this episode of the podcast, as well as exploring an entirely different model of human needs, which may be just as valid. We’ll also talk about how you might approach the model from a coaching perspective. 

As we also often say on the podcast, all models are wrong, but some are useful, so have a listen and decide for yourself how useful Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is within a coaching conversation.


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