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Show Notes

On our podcast we regularly explore the topics that coachees might bring to a coaching conversation. One such topic is ‘change’; a huge topic that encompasses many different potential areas of a coachee’s life.

Sometimes, the coaching might be focused on a change that is happening around the coachee or it might be a change that the coachee wants to bring about for themself. 

Either way, everyone responds to change differently and there is a broad spectrum of how impactful and challenging change can be.

In this episode we explore how we might help our coachees to navigate change in their personal or professional lives, whether it’s change they want to see or change that they feel is being done to them. We touch on Kübler Ross’s model of change and also the work of Swedish psychologist, Claes Janssen who developed the Change House model to describe the different rooms that someone might enter as they move through a period of change.

Join us for an interesting exploration of how we might start to talk about change with our coachees.


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