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Accreditation – ‘What is it?’ and ‘Why would I want to apply for accreditation?’

These are questions that we are asked from time to time, and so we thought that we’d offer our thoughts on the matter in this episode of the podcast. While it’s not essential to be personally accredited as a coach, there are some real benefits for those who do apply for accreditation. 

In her role as an accreditation assessor with the Association for Coaching, Helen is well-versed in the assessment criteria that applicants are expected to meet.  She is, therefore, well placed to answer your questions and concerns about accreditation and the accreditation process.

During this episode. Helen will provide the benefit of her wisdom and experience. She will also be offering you the inside track on how our Transformational Coaching Diploma supports you in the process of becoming accredited and will also let you have her top tip on getting started on the road to accreditation.


Helen has created an online mini-masterclass on accreditation which you can find out more about here. While this is designed for our own graduates coming out of our Transformational Coaching Diplomas, much of it will be of use if you have qualified elsewhere.



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