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For Doctors wishing to gain an accredited coaching qualification.


Doctors’ Transformational Coaching Diploma

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Coaching For Doctors

For Doctors with an interest in Lifestyle Medicine wishing to gain an accredited coaching qualification.


Transformational Coaching Diploma For Lifestyle Medicine

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Coaching For Doctors

‘Your Coaching Journey’ has been established to support doctors as they each travel on their own unique coaching journey. We’ll be there beside you as you take your own steps towards becoming a transformational coach. Whether you’re looking to embed coaching as a skill to in your medical role; wanting to transition into a portfolio career; or have the desire to become a full-time coach we will be there to support you. Train to be a transformational coach and learn a different way of being with patients, colleagues, mentees, trainees and appraisees. 

We aim to help you…

  • begin your coaching journey through one of our accredited Transformational Coaching Diploma training programmes.
  • support your coaching development through mentoring, supervision and co-coaching groups.
  • explore a variety of coaching theories and approaches
  • develop new coaching skills and build your own coaching approach.
  • connect with a like-minded doctors looking to develop as coaches
  • explore the business side of coaching and how it might form part of your career path.


    “We provide dedicated Coaching Training For Doctors. Coaching is an invaluable skill for doctors to learn and is becoming increasingly recognised as such. Here at ‘Your Coaching Journey’ we know how important it is to have the right training to be able to develop as a coach, embed essential coaching skills and find ways to incorporate your new new learning into your everyday activities. We’d love you to join us”

    Helen & Tom

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